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This page is devoted to genealogy, past and present families of which I am a part. The aim is to share the information with other members of these families. The data are continuously updated and I will be glad if you notify me of errors, inaccuracies, or any new facts. If you find here, you are in right place, if you can not find and you should can find, let me know :)

A large part of my kindred comes from five villages Zlatníky, Malé Hoste, Pochabany, Veľké Hoste a Libichava. Only three branches of ancestors go beyond this area. Gregor's immigrated to Malé Hoste from Nová Lehota in the early 20th century. Ján Hagara, whose ancestors came from Miezgovce, settled with his family in Veľké Hoste around 1830. And Ján Mlynek, miller from Sedličná, now part of Trenčianske Stankovce, married into Zlatníky in 1840.

In the past, ancestors lived mainly by agriculture, excluding Mlynek's, who were millers, but also they have become farmers. Between direct ascendants, there are no kings, barons, earls, lords, or other jesters, though it may disappoint somebody. But a few "anointed heads" can by found as mayors of Zlatníky or či Veľké Hoste.

In this page, you can also find links to name lists from gravestones. At the moment, there are only two cemeteries - Malé Hoste and Zlatníky. If needed, I can also provide photos of the graves.

If you are interested in your predecessors or contemporaries, please contact me.

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